Finally Coil punching without compromise.

Coil punching and molding combined in the same process

Over the years, in parallel with the activities of its four business units, SMRE has developed numerous projects in the metalworking field.
All the machines are “custom” designed to customer requirements. Over time this fact has allowed us to acquire considerable know-how.

It is thanks to this wealth of experience and knowledge that today we now have”Metal Working Machines”, a company division exclusively dedicated to the development of this type of machine.

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You can use our technology for


Electrical Cabinet


Facade Cladding

Metallic Structures

If you deal with one of these sectors you will undoubtedly understand the advantages of a product capable of meeting high production standards: reduction of waste, speed and full automation of the process are requirements that can completely change the way of working.
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The advantages of our punching line

Working of sheet metal up to 8 mm thick

The power of up to 45 tons of the punching units, combined with the extreme constructive robustness of each component, make the S-700 the right tool for punching and deforming high thickness and high strength sheet metal

Combined line

The possibility of configuring S-700 by integrating punching and molding technology in the same line allows for greater efficiency and a consequent reduction in production costs.

Line integration with automatic bending system

SMRE is able to integrate S-700 within existing production lines or to design complete lines from the coil to the finished product. Punching, stamping by shearing or deformation, bending or panelling can thus be managed within a single line.

Line integration with automatic stacking system

If it is necessary to create a “stack” of sheets to be moved from the punching line to subsequent processing, SMRE offers different systems for stacking of the sheets to eliminate human intervention and to reduce downtime in the line.

Industry 4.0 ready

The coil punching and molding line can enjoy the amortisation provided for by the “Industry 4.0” model. S-700 meets all the necessary requirements to be interconnected with the customer’s management systems and to exchange all the information necessary for monitoring of the line and for advancement of production.

Why choose SMRE machines?

of times

Extreme robustness

of use

Return on investment

Sheet metal punching


Each of our solutions can be customized to your needs, write to us for more information or to receive a quote.